There is no public download link for MORe. If you are interested in a copy, please go to .


MORe depends on following python packages: scipy, numpy, pysparse, traits, traitsui, weakref, mayavi, matplotlib, chaco, enable, os, glob, shutil, subprocess, zipfile, tempfile, base64, json, hdf5storage, uuid, pyface, itertools, sympy, logging, time, gc, pdb, numbers

Following tools are called through command line and, thus, have to be installed on the system: 7zip (Windows only)

MORe uses finite element models from ANSYS Mechanical. Therefore a working installation of ANSYS Mechanical is required (ANSYS version 16 or later). The required license is

  • for mechanical-only use of MORe: ANSYS Mechanical Pro and for
  • thermo-mechanical use of MORe: ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise.

Restrictions on ANSYS models:

  • shell elements are not supported for thermo-mechanical simulations
  • lumped inertia is not supported for thermo-mechanical simulations

For the optional MATLAB toolbox and Simulink library, MATLAB and Simulink are required (MATLAB version 2017b or later).