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Setting up the damping in a MORe model includes the component and link damping. For both we have a best practice for standard applications like machine tools.

You can follow these steps to set up reasonable damping in your model:

  1. Export with undamped modal analysis from ANSYS.
  2. Use of ‘Segmented modal damping’ in the components with values of 2 – 3%.
  3. For link properties with rolling elements such as linear guides, ball screw drives, and bearings, apply viscous damping for every degree of freedom with a value of ‘stiffness’/100’000.
  4. For link properties of links with rubber parts (e.g. supports), apply hysteretic damping with loss factors of 0.1 – 0.2.
  5. Compare with experimental frequency response analysis results if possible. Tune the damping values to match the sharpness of the resonances.
  6. With the comparison and tuning of step 5, you have new standard damping values for similar machine designs that you can use in future simulations.