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All-in-one simulation of machine tool performance

Customer Opinions

The software has become an indispensable tool for the dynamic design of our machines.

MORe [...] allows us to better design our machines and save a lot of time and money.

Your Benefits

You can only optimise what you can measure. Predict performance measures with MORe simulation. Use this to substantially reduce risk of failure during the machine development.

Once you can predict the machine’s performance, start eliminating weak spots in order to improve and optimise performance to a desired level.

If the desired performance is achieved, find insensitive properties or components and eliminate costly overdimensioning.

Our solutions


Our simulation software MORe with different levels of support at a flat rate


Best for simulation starters

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Best for knowledge build-up

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Everything in Basic and


Best for strategic implementation

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Services tailored to you if you need additional ressources or experience

Performance evaluation

Know if the machine will pass the acceptance test!

We simulate and evaluate your machine

Performance improvement

Eliminate limitations and improve the performance!

Together, we get the most out of your machine design

Cost reduction

Get rid of overdimensioning and reduce costs for every machine!

We help you gain competitive advantages


Courses to enable a seamless start into independent simulation

Advanced simulation

Learn how to get the most out of your simulation

Learn through individual case studies about topics such as:

1 Day course

Mechanical modelling

Learn the basics of mechanical machine simulation

Learning goals

1 Day course

Thermo-mechanical modelling

Learn the basics of thermal machine simulation

Learning goals

1 Day course

Controller modelling

Learn how to optimally parametrise your controller

Learning goals

1 Day course

What Our Users say

“I’m a user of MORe since 2017. I can say that this software totally changed the development workflow of a new machine at our company. Now we have specific software functionalities, developed ad-hoc, that allow us to better design our machines and save a lot of time and money. Thanks to the flexibility of the MORe team, we are better understanding the physics behind our machine systems – and how we can improve it with the Model Based Design.”

R&D engineer
High-precision EDM machines

“I’ve been using MORe for about four years now. In the meantime, the software has become an indispensable tool for the dynamic design of our machines. This enables us to predict the behaviour of the machines more accurately and there are less iterations necessary in the development process. If problems occur, there’s always fast and helpful support.”

R&D engineer
Laser cutting machines


MORe 5.0 is now available for early access!

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Simulation disciplines


Simulate structural deformations and geometric accuracy of the complete machine including position dependency due to axis movements.


Analyse the thermo-dynamic behaviour of the machine under consideration of heat sources, sinks, and convection.


Add motors and controllers and analyse the open-loop and closed-loop behaviour of the axes. Everything with a compliant structure.


Calculate thermally induced deformations. Effects of position dependency, controllers, and encoder placement included.