Software taylored for machine tool simulation

MORe is a comprehensive software package that allows an efficient and straightforward workflow and features a multitude of analysis options. It has been developed with the specific properties of machine tools and the questions arising during machine tool development in mind. MORe enables you to create a virtual prototype of your machine tool, which can be used for design, control, or trouble-shooting purposes.

More efficient, more accurate

Efficient workflow

Straightforward workflow, as little task repetitions as possible

Efficient calculation

Efficient algorithms for model reduction and modelling of moving interfaces on flexible bodies

Efficient analysis

Easy-to-use and comprehensive analysis tools for analysis of machine tools in the whole working space

Accurate results

Novel model reduction method featuring an a-priori error estimation for a specifiable frequency range

Rely on well-established tools -
enhance with cutting-edge methods

MORe interfaces with renowned engineering tools