This instuctions are for the latest MORe release 4.0 Ftan. For versions prior to MORe 4.0 Ftan, the installation instructions can be found here: .


There is no public download link for MORe. If you are interested in a copy, please go to .


MORe uses finite element models from ANSYS Mechanical. Therefore a working installation of ANSYS Mechanical is required (ANSYS version 16 or later). The required license is

  • for mechanical-only use of MORe: ANSYS Mechanical Pro and for

  • thermo-mechanical use of MORe: ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise.

Restrictions on ANSYS models:

  • shell elements are not supported for thermo-mechanical simulations

  • lumped inertia is not supported for thermo-mechanical simulations

For the optional MATLAB toolbox and Simulink library, MATLAB and Simulink are required (MATLAB version 2017b or later).

Installation of MORe on Windows OS

  1. Download the latest MORe installer from the customer portal on

  2. Run the installer as a normal user (no admin privileges required)

  3. Choose Install Location
    1. It is recommended to keep the default installation location to avoid permission errors.

  4. Proxy Settings
    1. Depending on your proxy, the installer picks up the system proxy settings automatically. Only setup a custom proxy, if you get connection errors during installation.

    2. MORe installer needs access to the following URLs:


  5. Choose Components
    1. It is recommended to install all components to get the best user experience.

  6. Installing
    1. The installer now downloads and installs the required components.

    2. If you get errors during installation, make sure to include the “detailed output” in your support request.

  7. Now MORe can be started with one of the following options:
    1. From the shortcut in your Start Menu: MORe Simulations/MORe

    2. By double-clicking a .more model file

    3. Advanced users can start MORe in Spyder IDE from the shortcut MORe Simulations/MORe Spyder